Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Math Homework for MTH101 = page 57, all ODD numbers between question # 1-21. #
  • Seems like there is homework for every class this week: blueprint, CNC and Math, oh there is a Theory test on Monday too. Study… #
  • Check our our blog and forums! Easy sign in and see post!! New Blog updates daily! please tell your friends too ! #
  • You may view the #CERN #Picture #Slideshow from today's EAC150 #Class #Presentation @ 171+ slides #
  • Is there a Math quiz tomorrow too?
    MTH101: are we getting our math test back tomorrow too ? Find out tomorrow @ #JaneCampus ! #
  • Windows 7 for students #
  • Don't forget to watch your hands BEFORE and AFTER visiting the Restroom, Loo, Washroom, Toilet, etc. Just a friendly Reminder :) #
  • Computer lab on the second floor will be unavailable for two in class tests starting from 8 am in the morning. #
  • Hope you had a Great #weekend, … It was #Thanksgiving in USA! It is #Monday, are you ready for another week @JaneCampus ? See you soon! #

Students: Windows 7 is Available

Windows 7 is available through MSDN Academic Alliance

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional is now available in MSDN Academic Alliance. Next week Windows 7 will be available through ELMS download for student distribution.

Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition (English) is included for student distribution in both the x86 and x64 variety. For lab installs, Windows 7 (x86 and x64) Enterprise Edition (English) is included with the volume license keys.

The specific features included in Professional and Enterprise editions are described at Note that the Windows 7 Enterprise has the same features as Windows 7 Ultimate edition. The features that Windows 7 Enterprise (and Windows 7 Ultimate) has in addition to those in windows Professional are support forBitLocker Drive EncryptionMultilingual User Interface and UNIX application-support.

There is NO supported upgrade path from either Windows 7 Beta or Release Candidate (RC) – to Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacture).  For additional information, see Windows 7 Upgrade Paths.