Important Note: Exams

This memo is to confirm that the MATD regular classes will end on December 9th, 2009. Your examinations will begin on Thursday December 10th, 2009. Below is the examination timetable. Please highlight the examinations you are required to write and report any conflicts to me immediately.

3rd Semester students are cordially invited to join the 1st Semester students for Pizza Lunch at 11:30am on Monday December 14th, 2009.

THY101A.STJN.20093: EAC 149

Here is a message from Mr. Cipriani: ……………….

Please note, if you have not taken the English Assessment test and are unsuccessful in completing EAC149, you may be blocked from registering for EAC 149 in the future. You must take the time now to complete the Assessment Test. Book an appointment at one of Seneca’s test centres.

Romel Cipriani