The Co-Curricular Record program is available to all full time Seneca students. In addition to learning inside the classroom, which is documented on a student’s academic transcript, Seneca offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved outside the classroom, become active contributors to their campus community, gain valuable experience and develop essential skills. This extracurricular involvement can now be recognized with a Co-Curricular Record (CCR): an official record of student participation and achievement outside the classroom.

The CCR documents a student’s extracurricular on-campus activities and accomplishments while completing an academic program. This record highlights an individual’s participation/contribution, essential skills development and/or additional learning outcomes and achievements throughout his/her time at Seneca.

What can be recognized?

The CCR is divided into 4 areas: Activity Participation, Awards, Leadership Experience and Professional Development.


Activity Participation

  • College Committee
  • Competitions
  • Intramural Sports Team
  • Student Club or Association (member position)
  • Varsity Sports Team


Awards are automatically generated. Awards based on financial need will not appear on the CCR

Leadership Experience

  • Board of Governors Representative
  • Career Services Ambassador
  • Community Advisor-Residence
  • Orientation Volunteer
  • Recreation Council
  • Residence Advisor-Residence
  • Student Government
  • College Committee
  • Competitions
  • Intramural Sports Team
  • Student Club or Association (executive position)
  • Varsity Sports Team

Professional Development

  • Workshop
  • Certificate
  • Training
  • Conference
  • Seminars

*Please note that in class, course related work, projects, assignments and co-op opportunities will not be reflected on this record as they may be part of your academic curriculum and recorded/documented on your academic transcript.

What is the CCR used for?

Students can include the CCR as a valuable addition and enhancement to their resumes and career or academic portfolios.  Traditionally, the CCR is used when applying/interviewing for: jobs, internships, scholarships, awards, continuing education and further development experiences.

How to create a CCR

A student must apply for his/her CCR on line.
Once an application is received and a file established a student may view his/her CCR by logging into the system.Only activities that have been completed fully and verified appear on the CCR. Verification of specific activities must be provided by a Seneca College employee and one that was directly responsible for the activity in which you participated. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Seneca College employee-verifier to expect a verification email from a CCR administrator, requesting the employee-verifier to confirm the students’ experience. It is up to the student to follow up with the employee-verifier should a verification request be delayed or denied for any reason.

Once all activities have been verified, the student can request to have the CCR printed. A copy of the CCR can then be picked up from the Student Life Coordinator in Student Services at the student’s campus. The first copy of your CCR is free. Additional copies: $5.00 each.
Please note: King and Newnham printed CCRs will take a few days to be delivered to the campus. 


For further information or if you have questions regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program, please contact your campus Student Life Coordinator:

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