G101-MIRROR IMAGE (Example)


In this example, we will mirror the Pocket on the right in the X-axis, producing a similar pocket on the left. 

O0010 ;

T1 M06 ;

G54 G90 G00 X0 Y0 ;

G43 Z0.1 H1 ;

S500 M03 ;

M97 P20 ;

N10 G101 X0 ;

M97 P20 ;

G100 ;

G00 Z0.1 ;

M09 ;

G28 G91 Y0 Z0 ;

M30 ;

N20 G00 X-0.4653 Y0.052 ;

G01 Z-0.5 F15. M08 ;

G01 X-1.2153 Y0.552 ;

G03 X-1.3059 Y0.528 R.0625 ;

G01 X-1.5559 Y0.028 ;

G03 X-1.5559 Y-0.028 R.0625 ;

G01 X-1.3059 Y-0.528 ;

G03 X-1.2153 Y-0.552 R.0625 ;

G01 X-0.4653 Y-0.052 ;

G03 X-0.4653 Y0.052 R.0625 ;

M99 ; 

Because the pocket is symmetrical around the X-axis, we could add a Y0 in line N10 and not change the part. This would allow us to Climb Mill on the second pocket as well as the first. 

(Pocket geometry)


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