May I attend and participate in another graduation ceremony?

If I am eligible to graduate, but cannot attend the convocation ceremony, can I attend and participate in another graduation ceremony?

If you were recommended to graduate by the academic area and your diploma/certificate/degree has been printed but you could not attend the graduation ceremony, you may participate in the following convocation ceremony.

However, you must first submit a letter to the convocation coordinator stating a valid reason for why you could not attend. The convocation coordinator will respond with a letter of permission which will be required to gain access to the next scheduled event.

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What if I cannot attend the graduation ceremony?

What if I cannot attend the graduation ceremony? How do I obtain my degree/diploma/certificate?

Beginning the week following convocation your degree, diploma, or certificate  may be picked up from the Markham Campus Registration Office.

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

One piece of photo ID will be required. If you wish to have someone else pick up your degree, diploma or certificate, provide them with a letter of authorization, signed by you. They will need their own photo ID.

All degrees, diplomas and certificates and degrees not claimed within six months following convocation are destroyed.

There is a $62.15 (P.S.T. and G.S.T. included) fee if you request a replacement.

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How long is the ceremony?

How long is the ceremony?

The ceremony lasts approximately 2 hours. After the convocation ceremony a reception will be held for graduates and their guests, where light refreshments will be served. In this area, the various vendors will have tables set up so graduates and guests can purchase frames, flowers, school rings, and have access to photo opportunities.Certificates, diplomas and degrees will not be available until the completion of the ceremony. The photographer will not be available while the ceremony is in progress.

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