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As part of our effort to better serve students of Seneca College, the Office of Strategic Planning is conducting the following survey. Below, you will find a series of questions referring to the services of one department, randomly selected for you to complete. Your input is very important to us. Each department will receive the results of this survey and use this vital information for setting service standards and improving services college-wide. You can make a difference right now!

Your survey response is anonymous. If you complete the survey, it will automatically be severed from your personal information — only Semester, School, Faculty and Campus will be connected to the survey (we need this information to assist us in assessing the data in order that we can better meet your needs). The survey data is transferred into a separate data file from which statistical information can be tabulated.

If you choose to complete the survey, your student identification number only will also be transferred to another separate data file. Student identification numbers will be drawn from this file for gift certificates at the College Bookstore as a measure of our appreciation that you took the time to complete the survey. At the end of October, a draw will be held for a total of ten $100 gift certificates!!

If you have any questions about the survey methodology or privacy issues, please contact the Office of Strategic Planning at (416) 491-5050 extension 2068.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes.

  • If you would like to complete this survey, continue by reading the following instructions.
  • If you would like to do this survey at another time, click   .

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Parking Services Department
(Excluding Security Services)

1. How often have you used the services of the Parking Services Department?  Once/Year     Once/Semester   
 Twice/Semester     Monthly   
 Weekly     Daily
2. At what campus have you used these services the most? Markham   King   
Newnham    Seneca@York
 For each statement below, rate the Importance of the Parking Services Department at that campus.

 Also, if you have used the services of this department, rate your Satisfaction with the services provided.

1 = Very Unimportant
4 = Very Important

1 = Very Unsatisfactory
4 = Very Satisfactory
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
3. Employees are professional.
4. Parking lots are well maintained.
5. Employees are helpful and courteous.
6. Parking is easily accessible to all students.
7. Rate this department for overall customer service:  
  1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

Book Store
College Services
Financial Aid
Learning Centres
Micro Computer Centre
Student Life
Test Centre

If you wish to provide feedback about the services of another department, click the appropriate department on the left and then click Submit.

If don’t want to do any more, click Finished and click Submit.

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Browser Recommendations for using My.Seneca

Browser Recommendations for using My.Seneca

It is strongly recommended that you access My.Seneca using Internet Explorer (IE) 7.x, Firefox 3.x or Safari 3.x. Other recommendations:

  • Download and install Java (
  • Update your Flash Player to the latest version (
  • For optimum viewing your screen resolution should be set at 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Disable any “pop-up blocker” software that you have installed on your computer
  • Keep your virus software updated in order to scan for the latest viruses

You should check to make sure that the following options are set correctly on your browser before using My.Seneca:


 Internet Explorer – Version 7.x

  1. Enabling Cookies
  • Click Tools, then Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • Click Advanced
  • Place a check mark for Override automatic cookie handling
  • Ensure First-Party cookies and Third-Party cookies are both set to accept
  • Place a check mark for Always accept session cookies
  • Click OK twice to close
  1. Enabling Java
  • Click Tools, then Internet Options
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Locate Microsoft VM
  • Make sure the Java  Console enabled and Java Logging enabled boxes are checked
  • Click OK to close
  • Restart your computer if you checked the Java Console enable box
  1. Enabling JavaScript
  • Click tools, then Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab
  • Click the Custom Level button at the bottom. The Security settings dialog box will pop up
  • Under the Scripting category, enable Active Scripting
  • Enable Allow paste operations via script (version 6.*)
  • Enable Scripting of Java Applets
  • Click OK twice to close
  • Hit Refresh
  1. Reloading each time
  • Select Tools, then Internet Options
  • Select the General tab
  • Select Settings from Temporary Internet Files box (Version 6.0)


  • Select Settings from Browsing History box (version 7.0)
  • Select the Every Visit To This Page radio button
  • Click OK twice to close
  1. Disable Security Warning Bar when Downloading a file
When using Internet explorer to download files you are prompt with a Security Warning bar which redirects you to the My.Seneca Home tab, instead of allowing you to download the file.
  • Select Tools, then Internet Options
  • Click Custome Level button
  • Scroll to the Downloads section of the list, and then, under Automatic prompting for file downloads, click Enable
  • Click OK, to close the window, and then, click YES to accept the warning
  • Click OK one more time to close the Internet options


 Mozilla Firefox – Version 3.x

Download 3.0 Free

Enabling Cookies

  • Click Tools
  • Select Options
  • Go to Privacy
  • Place check mark on Accept Cookies from sites
  • Click OK to close

Enabling Java

  • Select Tools
  • Select Options
  • Go to Content
  • Check the Enable Java box
  • Click Ok to close

Enabling JavaScript

  • Select Tools
  • Select Options
  • Go to Content
  • Check the Enable JavaScript box
  • Click Ok to close

Reloading each time

  • Select Tools
  • Select Options
  • Go to Advanced
  • Select the Network tab
  • Enter cache size 0 in the field.
  • Click Ok to close


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