Application and Admission

Application and admission 
Seneca’s Senior Vice-President Cindy Hazell comments on admissions on theThe Canadian Press on April 12, 2010 (Students and parents on tenterhooks awaiting college, university acceptance)

High school seniors across Canada are on tenterhooks these days as they await news of their acceptance from the country's universities or colleges.

Their parents are likely just as anxious, having heard the oft-repeated lament: “Will I get in?''

Seneca College, like many other institutions, monitors its “application targets'' daily, says Cindy Hazell, vice-president at the Toronto college.

Offers are sent out over several months, although the two major waves are in February and April.

The cut-off marks are not necessarily determined by ability to pass the program but are set according to the number of physical spaces, specialized equipment such as labs and number of faculty available, says Hazell. Much of that is determined by the amount of government funding supplied to each post-secondary institution, she adds.

But even when students are accepted, the nerve-racking part is not always over. More than one offer means they'll have to choose…

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