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G150 – pocket milling


In this example, we will mill the pocket shown using steps along the X-axis of 0.3”(I). We will take a maximum depth of cut of 0.2”(Q). (The first pass will only be 0.1”). We will leave 0.02”(K) for a finishing pass. The geometry is in program number O0200(P) 

O0010 ;

T1 M06 ;

G54 G90 G00 X3.0 Y3.5 ;

G43 Z0.1 H1 ;

S2500 M03 ;

N10 G81 Z-0.5 R0.1 F25. ;

T2 M06 ;

G43 Z0.1 H2 ;

S2000 M03 ;

G150 P200 G41 X3.0 Y3.5 Z-0.5 F30. R0.1 Q0.2 I0.3 K0.02 ;

G00 Z0.1 M09 ;

G28 G91 Y0 Z0 ;

M30 ; 

O0200 ;

G01 X2.0 ;

Y2.0 ;

X4.0 ;

Y4.0 ;

G03 X2.0 Y4.0 R1.0 ;

G01 Y3.5 ;

M99 ; 

(Sub-program for Pocket geometry) 

Notice that there is a drill cycle in line N10 for a clearing hole.

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Software Technologies

Software technologies

A CAD model of a mouse.

Originally software for Computer-Aided Design systems was developed with computer languages such as Fortran, but with the advancement of object-oriented programming methods this has radically changed. Typical modern parametric feature based modeler and freeform surface systems are built around a number of key C (programming language) modules with their own APIs. A CAD system can be seen as built up from the interaction of a graphical user interface (GUI) with NURBS geometry and/or boundary representation (B-rep) data via a geometric modeling kernel. A geometry constraint engine may also be employed to manage the associative relationships between geometry, such as wireframe geometry in a sketch or components in an assembly.

Unexpected capabilities of these associative relationships have led to a new form of prototyping called digital prototyping. In contrast to physical prototypes, which entail manufacturing time and in the design.

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Welcome to Skills Assessment On Line Appointment Booking System!

Welcome to Skills Assessment On Line Appointment Booking System!

As a new Seneca student you are required to make an appointment to write the Skills Assessment, even if you have already written a pre-admissions test.
The Skills Assessment determines English language and mathematics skill level.

Getting your first semester timetable depends on a completed assessment. Delaying your assessment will delay your timetable.

All assessment tests are written at the Newnham Campus Test Centre.

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Budding filmmakers showcase their short documentaries

Budding filmmakers showcase their short documentaries

The second graduating class from Seneca’s Documentary and Filmmaking Institute (DFI) held a screening of their short documentaries at the Rivoli on Wednesday, September 1. Thirteen films were shown to a packed house which included guest of honour August Murphy-King, son of the late legendary documentary filmmaker Alan King. August was on hand to help award the Alan King Memorial Prize to the best short documentary which was awarded to Kathryn Threlkeld for her documentary “Burning Blossom” about her personal struggle with mental illness. An honourable mention went to Michelle Whiting for her documentary on the recent G20 protests, “I was here.”

Documentary and Filmmaking Institute at the Rivoli

August Murphy-King with Kathryn Threlkeld and Michelle Whiting

The DFI is a program designed to equip students with the critical and practical skills to work in the documentary film industry as an independent producer. This one-semester program combines hands-on production skills with a foundational knowledge of the documentary tradition and a background in Canadian and international business practice.

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