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No. 120 Series Series Dial Calipers
120Z-9 9”
The Only American Made Dial Caliper … This is one of the handiest measuring tools available, used by
mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. It is direct reading, reliable and accurate.
Comes with Finished Wooden Case.
Readability Features
Sharp, clear dial graduations of .001” – .100” in one revolution
Sharp, black graduations on the satin finished bar, every .100”
White inch dials
Ease-of-Handling Features
Knife-edge contacts for both inside and outside measurements
One hand use with the thumb-operated, fine adjustment roll
Lock screw for dial bezel
Lock screw for holding the sliding jaw in position
9” model have a covered rack depth rod
Parallel lines can be scribed on workpiece by setting caliper jaw to the required dimensions, locking the
movable jaw with the lock screw and then using the front edge of the fixed jaw as the scribing surface
Accuracy and Long-Life Features
Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
Rack teeth point down to make it easy to shed foreign matter and thereby keep the area clean
Precision Bench Level with Double Plumb 6”
No. 132 Series 6″ / 150mm
Moderately priced levels for all-around use; machinists, maintenance and set-up mechanics.
The base of the levels has an involute groove running the full length, which provides a reliable seat for
round work
All sizes have a main vial and double plumb vials. Each vial has two graduated lines
The main vials have approximately 19-minute sensitivity, meaning if the bubble moves 1/8″ off the
graduated lines, the out-of-level is approximately .080″ per foot. If the bubble is off 2mm, then the out-oflevel
is approximately 4.4mm per meter
Magnetic Base Universal Indicator Holder with Triple-Jointed Arm
No. 660
• Small but powerful magnetic base, with 70 lbs. (320 N) holding force
• Positive On/Off switch
• Base Dimensions: 1³/16″ x1.16″ x1³/8″ (9.5mm) stem or standard dovetail mount
• Articulating arm, powerful central locking knob, full 360° horizontal positioning, 180° vertical positioning
• Maximum Horizontal Reach: 4.750″ (120mm) –Maximum Vertical Reach: 7.500″ (190mm)
• Very sensitive fine-adjustment thumb screw
No. 752A-18 18” Electronic Digital Height Gages (with output)
LIST PRICE $1670.00
• Large, easy to read LCD display
• Convenient battery operation with Automatic shut-off
• Hardened and ground auxiliary scriber
• Rugged stainless steel vertical bar
• Knurled thumb screw locks scriber at any position
• Two readout modes; large digital readout display and
graduated scale on column
• Fine adjustment mechanism
These Electronic height Gages provide a versatile and economic solution for most height measurement
applications. All measuring information from these tools can be entered directly into Starrett Data Collection
Systems for analysis, data collection, and hard copy documentation.
LCD Readout Resolution 0.0005″ (.005mm), Bar Graduations 0.100″ and 5mm increments.
Instant inch-millimetre conversion.
Carrier and scriber designed to read from zero.
Hold control feature retains a reading at any position.
Plus or minus direction selector for reading correct measurements.
Hardened and ground scriber.
Fine adjustment for precise positioning accuracy. Lock screw.
Powered by two 3V lithium coin-cell batteries with a life of over 1 year.
Automatic shut-off to conserve battery life after 30 minutes of non-use.
No. 20-3 Hardened Steel Square 3”
· Hardened Steel Squares
· Hardened, ground and lapped to insure parallelism and straightness
· Beam is grooved at inside corner for clearance
No. 384A Series, Steel Parallels, 6″ (150mm) Length, Pair: 1/8″ (3mm) Thick, 1″ (25mm)
Starrett No. 384 Steel Parallels are hardened and
ground to close limits. They are indispensable
for inspection and layout work or for various
setups on drill presses, milling and grinding
machines, shapers, etc. Furnished in pairs, 6”
length, they are made from a special grade of
tool steel, hardened and accurately ground on
the four sides. In tools rooms or machine shops,
several pairs of these parallels will be of great
QTY AVAILABLE ( 1 PR. ) LIST PRICE $83.00/pr. SELLING FOR $25.00/pr.
Dial Calipers No. 1202 Series 0-12
No. 1202-12
No. 1202-8
No. 1202-6
No. 1202-4
With the ability to provide quick, accurate measurement of O.D., I.D. and depth, the dial caliper is the most
versatile precision hand tool on the market.
No. 1202 Dial Calipers are based on the caliper that has been the first choice of metal working professionals for
decades. No. 1202 Dial Calipers are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 versions.
Readability Features
Sharp, clear dial graduations of .001” with .100” per revolution
Sharp, black graduation so n the satin finished bar, every .100”
Ease-of-Handling Features
Knife-edge contacts
Thumb-operated fine adjustment roll
Adjustable bezel
Lock screws for sliding jaw and dial bezel
Accuracy and Long-Life Features
Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
Positive, spring-loaded double pinion anti-backlash control
QTY AVAILABLE ( 1 – 12” ) LIST PRICE $293.00 SELLING FOR $180.00
QTY AVAILABLE ( 1 – 8” ) LIST PRICE $201.00 SELLING FOR $150.00
No. 123 Master Vernier Calipers 6” / 150mm (Metric & Inch. Versions available)
This vernier caliper is the ultimate example of slide caliper design. It is more accurate, has the easiest reading
vernier style, is stronger and is offered in much longer lengths than other slide calipers.
Readability Features
Long 50-division vernier scales, made popular by Starrett. This feature permits just half as many bar
graduations as conventional single-vernier tools. These widely-spaced graduations make possible easy reading
to .001” or 0.02mm without requiring a magnifying glass
Flush fitting of the vernier scales to the main scale means that these are in the same plane, which eliminates
parallax. Vernier scales are adjustable
The open-face design of the slide allows both the inside and outside vernier scale on the same side, thus
allowing both verniers to be read without turning the tool over
Black lines and figures against the Starrett satin chrome finish make reading a pleasure, not an effort
Screw-type adjusting nut allows for fine measuring adjustments
Lock nut to hold measurements
Long-Life and Accuracy Features
These tools are made of the finest tool steel. This makes the jaws harder and longer-wearing than stainless
tools. All tools through 24” (600mm) also have hardened and stabilized bars
Measuring surfaces are hardened, ground and lapped to close limits
All graduations are machine divided for accuracy, not photo-engraved. They are also deeper and sharper
The combination straight and angular ways on the master bar allow for positive alignment of graduations and
easy adjustment of the flush-fitting verniers
Divider points on the back side to accurately set dividers and trammels as needed
Tools with inch and millimeter graduations on the same bar have outside readings only. (Inside readings must
be compensated for by adding the nib width to the indicated reading.)
The longer length of the adjusting jaw slide provides a longer bearing surface on the master bar, ensuring
squareness with the solid jaw and extra resistance to springing
Tight, smoothly fitted slides for maximum accuracy and easy adjustment
Made to rigid Starrett standards
QTY AVAILABLE ( 2 – 6” ) LIST PRICE $600.00 SELLING FOR $225.00
QTY AVAILABLE ( 1 – 150mm ) LIST PRICE $600.00 SELLING FOR $225.00
Electronic Calipers No. 799 Series 6” 799-6
Starrett’s 799 Series Electronic Calipers are light,
comfortable, easy-to-use, and constructed with
features that have made Starrett slide calipers the
machinist’s first choice for many years.
The 799 offers a slim, streamlined profile, a large,
clear, easy-to-read LCD display, long battery life,
and function buttons for zero and inch/mm.
799 calipers are available in 0-6″, 0-8″, and 0-12″
sizes and the newly available Extended Range 24″
and 40″. All sizes furnished in a fitted, protective
Features (all sizes)
Lightweight, ergonomic design
Inch/millimeter conversion reads .0005″ or
Easy access to the single, long-life battery
Last measuring position retained when shut off
Hardened stainless steel body for long life
Fine adjustment thumb wheel
Lock screw to hold the slide in position
Resolution is .0005″ (0.01mm)
Zero at any position
6″, 8″ & 12″ Calipers Only
Large easy-to-read LCD, .32″ high characters
Automatic shut-off after 5 minutes of nonuse
Linear accuracy meets DIN862
Integrated depth rod
Universal Precision Gage – No. 995A
This versatile gage was specifically designed for gage makers, inspectors, tool and die makers and
machinists. There is no other similar gage available that combines the design, accuracy and
usefulness of this tool for fine height setting and transfer within its range.
Features and attachments that make this a truly universal gage are – Scriber Attachment that
can be used as a height gage for comparison measuring with test indicators, or as a surface
gage for scribing – an offset attachment or “foot” that permits setting in narrow areas or
working 1/8″ (3.2 mm) below the base line – and 1″ (25.4 mm) and 3″ (76.2 mm) extensions to
increase the measuring range
Gage has a stable width-to-length ratio of 3/4″ (19 mm) wide and 5 1/4″ (130 mm) length
Base and slide forgings are hardened and all working surfaces are accurately ground
The exclusive combination flat and “V” ways on the slide and base provides extreme
accuracy, and the three-point contact provides longitudinal movement without side play
A fine adjustment for closer accuracy and faster settings eliminates slow, tedious
tapping to set the gage. There is no other similar gage with this important feature
Applications – Can be used as a height gage, scriber, planer and shaper gage, for gap
measurement, as an adjustable parallel, for transferring settings with indicators, for checking
and layout work on surface plates, and with gage blocks or sine bars
Works as a precision level for use in machine set ups and gage work
In all these applications flush surfaces permit use on the base, the end, the top of the slide and
either side
Dial Indicator No. 25 Series AGD Group 2; 0 – 1.000 In.
Starrett No. 25-441J Dial Indicator
-Graduations 0.001 In.
-Range per Revolution 0.100 In.
-Dial Reading 0 – 100
-Contact Points 0.250 In.
-Continuous Reading Dial Size 2.25 In.
-Hardened Steel Gear Train and Jeweled Bearings
-Bezel Adjustable
-Dial White Finish, Satin Chrome Body
-Features Continuous Dial up to 1.000 In.
-Furnished with Lug-on-Centre Back
-Interchangeable Contact Points
Dial Indicator No. 25 Series AGD Group 2; 0 – .5mm
Starrett No. 81-261J METRIC Dial Indicator
-Metric Graduations 0.002mm
-One Revolution 0.2mm
-Total Travel 0.5mm
-Dial Reading 0 – 10 – 0 mm
-Stem Dial 8mm (.375”)
-1 11/16” Dial size
-Hardened Steel Gear Train and Jeweled Bearings
-Bezel Adjustable
-Dial Yellow Finish (Metric), Satin Chrome Body
-Furnished with Lug-on-Centre Back
-Interchangeable Contact Points
No. 2800-5 Digital Dial Gauge
Starrett Electronic Indicators have simple, powerful, easy-to-use function. Versions are available for
inch/metric and metric only.
Large, easy-to-read LCD
AGD group 2 size
Range: .500″ or 12.7mm
Resolution: .0005″ or .01mm
Power On / Off button
Reverse travel (± control indicates direction)
Zero setting at any position
Long battery life
3/8″ diameter stem for inch/mm model (8mm on metric-only model)
4-48 spindle thread on inch/mm model (M2.5 X .45 thread on metric-only model)
Lug-on-center back + additional flat back
Dust cap
Plastic storage case with clear cover
Simply move the spindle and the indicator turns ON, keeping true spindle position. Instant inch/millimetre
conversion. Automatic OFF after 5 minutes of non use. 3/8” diameter stem. Zero at any position. Large,
easy to read LCD display.
No. 256M Series (50-75mm) Disc-Type Micrometers
These tools are used to measure the thickness of work sections such as ribs, lands, fins, cutting edges on
form tools, and chordal thickness of gear teeth. Because of their large anvil and spindle faces.
Readability Features
Starrett satin chrome finish – no glare – resists rust
Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
Ease-of-Handling Features
Balanced frame and thimble design insure easy handling and better readability
Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking lock nut with Ratchet Stop
The combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment on all sizes
Anvil and spindle discs are 1/2” (12.7mm) diameter tapering to .015” (0.4mm) edge thickness making it
possible to enter narrow grooves and recesses
Accuracy and Long-Life Features
Rigid one-piece frame of drop forged steel
Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle (the heart of our accuracy)
Micro-lapped measuring faces
Quick and easy adjustment
Starrett workmanship
This tool is accurate to ±.00015” or ± 0.003mm measuring over the whole surface and ±.0002” or
measuring on the edges
Lock-Joint Calipers with fine-adjustment
No. 38 Series (Outside) 6”
These calipers feature a joint that can be quickly and firmly locked by a partial turn of the large knurled
disc. A spring washer under the disc maintains proper tension of the legs when the joint is unlocked.
These calipers are also provided with an adjusting screw to permit fine adjustments for close
measurements. After the legs have been set to approximate size and the joint locked, the final
adjustment is made by a few turns of the knurled adjusting nut.
The legs are made of a high-grade steel and well shaped. They are ruggedly constructed and nicely
The sizes listed are leg lengths. Their actual measuring capacity is about one-third greater than the
given size of the legs.
“Yankee” Spring-Type Calipers and Dividers with flat legs and quick-spring
or solid nut
Nos. 73 Series 6” (150mm)
Quick-adjusting spring nut
makes fast, accurate settings.
Starrett “Yankee” Calipers and Dividers are made from a high-grade steel and well finished.
The legs are made of flat stock and are very durable. The fulcrum stud is hardened and has a smooth
surface. The bow spring, although flexible, is exceedingly strong to assure reliability.
All sizes are available with either spring nut or solid nut. The Starrett quick-adjusting automatic-closing
spring nut is designed for making fast, positive adjustments. The threads of the nut firmly engage the
screw at the slightest pressure from the leg. When the pressure is withdrawn, the nut automatically
releases itself, sliding freely over the screw. This feature saves time in opening and closing.
“Yankee” Spring-Type Dividers with flat legs and quick-spring or solid nut
Nos. 83 Series 12” (300mm)
Lock-Joint Transfer Type Calipers with fine-adjustment
No. 36 Series (Outside) 6” (150mm)
One of the handiest and most versatile
calipers ever made … Starrett Lock-Joint
Transfer Calipers have three key features…
a transfer arm, fine-adjustment screw, and
locking joint.
The transfer arm makes it possible to
transfer measurements from the inside of
chambered cavities, over flanges and other
places where it is necessary to move the
legs after they have been set to size.
Simply lock the joint, loosen the transfer
arm binding nut and swing the leg out or
in to clear the obstruction. Then move it
back against the transfer arm stop and
the exact size can then be transferred to
a rule or gage.
The adjusting screw permits close
adjustments for fine measurements. After
the legs have been set to approximate size
and the joint locked, the final adjustment is
made by a few turns of the knurled
adjusting nut. The joint can be quickly and
firmly locked by a partial turn of the large
knurled disc. A spring washer under the
disc maintains proper tension of the legs
when the joint is loosened.
The legs are made from a high-grade steel
and are well-shaped. They are ruggedly
constructed and nicely finished. 36 -6
The sizes listed are the length of the legs.
Their actual measuring capacity is about
one-third greater than the size of the legs.
Hermaphrodite Calipers
Lock-Joint with fine-adjustment
No. 42 Series 6” (150mm)
These calipers have an adjustable point, locking joint and fine-adjustment feature for close
measurements. After the legs have been set to approximate size and the joint locked, the final
adjustment is made by a few turns of the knurled adjusting nut.
*NOTE: Actual capacity is one-third greater than the listed size.
Manufacturer Moore & Wright. A large headed nut screw assembly provides a firm and rigid friction
joint, with no play. Upper Jaw & Lower Jaw Length 6”.
QTY ( 1 ) SELLING FOR $5.00
GROZ 6” Hermaphrodite Caliper
The perfect tool when you need to scribe a
line using the edge of the workpiece as a
reference plane.
Easy adjustment over entire range
QTY ( 1 ) SELLING FOR $5.00

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