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Mastercam X4 Enhancements Features

Mastercam X4 Enhancements Featured
* Level Manager Updates
* Feature Chaining
* Solid Turn Profile Selection
* Dynamic Transformation (XForm)
* Dynamic Rotate, Translate, Mirror
* 3D Toolpath Smooth and Refinement
* Feature Based (Solids) Machining (FBM)
* FBM Mill & Drill
* FBM With Hole Mapping Tables
* 2D HS Core and Rest Machining
* WCS Plane Creation (Plane Selection)
* Work Offset/Zero Shift (WCS-G54)

Use AutoCAD 2010

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Image by tamburix via Flickr

Since Conversion from “Autocad 2009 to Autocad 2010” … may not always open, work and/ or load correctly. use AutoCAD 2010

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Page Two: Required Textbooks / Course Materials

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Posted by Jane Campus

Page Two of TextBooks and Required Texts for Semester: Winter 2010