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Results Still Uncertain

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The vote on management’s offer last received is not yet completed. The vote was conducted under section 17(2) of the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act. Segregated and mail-in ballots will need to be counted to determine the final result, depending on the number of ballots mailed in.

Eight thousand, three hundred and sixty valid ballots have been counted and the unofficial results at this time are 4,285 to accept and 4,075 to reject the offer. However, over 350 mail-in ballots were sent out and another 141 ballots have been segregated. Overall, there may be over 500 ballots yet to be counted, depending on the mail-in rate of return. Accordingly, there can be no definitive statement of results. The official count is scheduled for February 24th.

Given the uncertain results, the Union has postponed the strike deadline indefinitely until the final results are in.

There are serious irregularities with the voting process conducted by the colleges. The colleges are attempting to hide the mail-in voters’ list from the union. Some colleges posted the vote as a “final offer” vote. Section 17(2) of the CCBA is explicit that the vote is on “the offer last received.” The colleges are free to describe their offer in the way they like, but not characterize the vote itself in a prejudicial manner as was done at some colleges in order to influence voters. The Union will be bringing these matters to the attention of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Fourteen of the 24 colleges voted to reject the offer. Only ten colleges voted to accept. The number of eligible voters was increased by over 750 – a seven per cent increase – between the January 13th strike vote and the February 10th offer vote. It is not possible to definitively quantify how many of these temporary hires voted or how they voted.

The Workload Task Force studied the college system and made unanimous recommendations for a better college system in the future. The Union is disappointed that the colleges were unwilling to follow the recommendations of the Workload Task Force to improve the quality of education for future college students.


Vote results by college

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College faculty vote results too close to be determined

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February 10, 2010
College faculty vote results too close to determine
TORONTO – Results of the vote by faculty in Ontario’s 24 community colleges on the employer’s last contract offer are too close to determine whether the offer has been accepted or rejected.
Faculty have voted 51 per cent to accept the employer’s offer, a margin of just 210 votes. Now at issue is the number of mail-in votes, over 300 ballots, which once received couldchange the vote results. Those results may not be known for up to 10 days or more.
Ted Montgomery, chair of the OPSEU bargaining team for the faculty, says that the union will have to get a clear determination of the final vote count before any decisions are made.
“Right now we do not have a clear and final majority either way,” Montgomery said. “Until we know for sure whether our members have accepted or rejected the employer offer, we cannot move forward.”
Montgomery said that if the offer is ultimately rejected, the union will then determine a new strike date and call on the Colleges to return to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair collective agreement.
“If rejected, we will ask the employer to immediately resume negotiations,” Montgomery said. “And, failing a negotiated contract, we will again urge the Colleges to submit all outstanding issues to binding arbitration.”
OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says if the eventual outcome is a rejection of the employer’s offer, a strike can still be completely avoided. “We do not want any disruption to the students,” Thomas said. “We have maintained the position all along that if we can’t get an agreement, binding arbitration is how we want to proceed. If the Colleges don’t agree, then they and they alone will be responsible for
jeopardizing the education of 200,000 Ontario college students.”
For more information:
Ted Montgomery, Chair, OPSEU Negotiating Team
416-578-4255 (cell)
Don Ford, OPSEU Communications

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