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Tony Stewart: 2010 NASCAR Preview

2010 NASCAR Preview: Tony Stewart

posted February 9, 2010 – 6:50pm

Author: paulat9

No one really knew what to expect from Tony Stewart in 2009: he took partial ownership of the former Haas CNC Racing in July 2008, redubbed it Stewart-Haas Racing, and left the security of Joe Gibbs Racing to be his own man.  Along the way, he picked up fellow open-wheel graduate Ryan Newman for a pretty significant one-two punch – not bad for the reincarnation of a team that had one top-five finish in almost 300 prior starts.  Stewart added support from Hendrick Motorsports and sponsorship from the likes of Office Depot, Old Spice, Burger King, and the US Army for the two teams, and hoped for the best.

No one expected the team to pay dividends as quickly as it did: in mid-May, at the Sprint All-Star Challenge at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stewart took the checkered flag and a $1 million payout for his new team’s first victory, albeit a non-points race.  He would go on to win four points races and have 23 top-ten finishes with only one DNF (did-not-finish).  He became the first owner-driver to lead the points standings since the late Alan Kulwicki in 1992, and ended up sixth in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

No one has any doubts anymore: ….

No one expects Stewart to slow down: ….

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Seneca College – Canada

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The mission of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is to contribute to the Canadian society by being a transformational leader in providing students with career-related education and training. Seneca College has approximately 90,000 part-time and 17,000 full-time students.
The College is a place of opportunities, to make goals a reality. Students can choose from more than 260 careers and receive the academic foundation, workplace experience and practical training needed to succeed. The College also offers co-operative education programs that allow students to gain real work experience.
Seneca College is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of students. This ensures that the curriculum remains relevant for present careers. The College has transfer agreements with educational institutions across Canada and around the globe. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has a dedicated faculty and staff, as well as facilities and…

Jane Campus
Main Campus
At the Jane Campus / Centre for New Technologies students are registered in pre-apprenticeship programs for Tool and Die Maker, Precision Machining and Mould Maker trades. Seneca College‚Äôs online store allows students to purchase goods without having to wait in line at one of the campus bookstores. This online store has items from all Seneca stores, including the computer store. Students can have purchases sent directly to them or they can pick them up in one of the stores….

Other Campuses:

King Campus
Newnham Campus
Seneca@York Campus
Markham Campus


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Use AutoCAD 2010

in the autocad world
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Since Conversion from “Autocad 2009 to Autocad 2010” … may not always open, work and/ or load correctly. use AutoCAD 2010

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Information Technology Acceptable Use

(i) Policy Statement

“It is the Policy of Seneca College that all members of the Seneca Community are responsible for obeying Provincial and Federal laws/regulations and College Policy concerning the use of information technology services, facilities and equipment. The College’s Information Technology resources remain the sole property of Seneca College. Seneca College grants students, clients and employees the privilege to use its information technology services, facilities and equipment to further learning, teaching and working.

Further, any materials which may violate a person’s right to work and study in an environment free from discrimination/ harassment are not to be stored, displayed, transmitted or otherwise linked to Seneca College information technology services, facilities and equipment.

However, Seneca College recognizes the individual right to access information. As a user of the College information technology services, facilities and equipment, you are responsible for abiding by the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy and the Protocol for Dealing with Information Technology Abuse.”

(ii) Prevention, Education and Enforcement

Seneca College is committed to preventing behaviour which results in the inappropriate use of the College’s Information Technology Services and Facilities. The College is responsible for communicating to all employees, students, clients, the public, and/or contractors that the inappropriate use of the College’s IT services, facilities and equipment is prohibited. This includes ongoing proactive education/prevention campaigns such as staff and student training, regular communication of the ITAUP through internal media, and the articulation of the ITAUP into the ICA 001 curriculum. The College maintains its responsibility for communicating, monitoring, implementing and enforcing, where necessary, all aspects of the ITAUP.

Official College E-Mail is available to all employees and students. Faculty, staff and students are reminded that College correspondence should only be disseminated electronically through official College-provided e-mail. Alternate e-mail addresses, such as Yahoo mail or Hotmail mail, are not authenticable through Seneca.

(iii) Policy Regulations and Responsibilities

Seneca College Provides Information Technology services, facilities and equipment to meet your learning, teaching or working needs.

However, it is a violation of College Policy to:

  1. enter, without authorization, into equipment, facilities, networks or accounts to use, read, transfer or change the contents, or for any other purpose;
  2. use another individual’s information technology account;
  3. grant another individual access to your information technology account;
  4. use any College information technology facilities to interfere with the work of other students, faculty members or college officials;
  5. use information technology facilities to send obscene, abusive, derogatory or harassing messages;
  6. display, transmit, distribute or make available information that expresses or implies discrimination or an intention to discriminate;
  7. use information technology facilities to interfere with the normal operation of College information technology systems and connecting networks; this list would include such things as flooding the network with messages or sending chain letters or pyramid solicitations. Unauthorized use of information technology facilities and accounts and removing or altering data is a criminal offense in Canada;
  8. use Seneca College’s computer facilities for profit or commercial gain;
  9. create and/or use world-wide web information pages or links to point to offending materials that do not comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Criminal Code of Canada;
  10. use Seneca College’s computer facilities for any purpose that could be seen as a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada.

(iv) Consequences of Policy Violations

Employees, students and clients are responsible for reporting all real, or perceived infractions of the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy to the Information Technology Security Officer (CSO). The CSO can be reached electronically at Documented and substantiated complaints shall be handled through the Protocol for Dealing with Information Technology Abuse.

Overall, the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy asks that you obey the law and be considerate of others’ needs.

Failure to adhere to the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy could result in suspension of usage privileges or other discipline as appropriate.

When there is a suspected violation of the Policy, the College has the authority to conduct appropriate search and seizure procedures of all College owned and operated Information Technology services, facilities and equipment. The College also reserves the right to review and/or restrict services and programs that are deemed potential violations of College Policy.



Quick updates: Normative?

website test flattened
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Quick updates / test – are we back online? If you can see this message … We are normative!

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