G51-SCALING (Example 2)

(Example 2)

O0010 ;

T1 M06 ;

G54 G90 G00 X0 Y0 ;

G43 Z0.1 H1 ;

S500 M03 ;

G51 X1.5 Y1.5 P2.;

M97 P10 ;

G28 G91 Y0 Z0 ;

M30 ;

N10 G00 X1. Y1. ;

G01 Z-0.5 F15. ;

X2. F20. ;

Y2. ; G03 X1. R0.5 ;

G01 Y1. ;

G00 Z0.1 ;

M99 ; 

(Original geometry) 

Take geometry shown by dashed line and double the size. Use a different work coordinate as the scaling center.

= Work coordinate origin

= Center of scaling 

(Scaling center X1.5 Y1.5)


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