Off Campus Work Permits

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Off Campus Work Permits

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) encourages all international students to apply on-line for the Off-Campus Work Permit .  This new procedure should speed up applications and minimize lost or missing documents.


 First, you must apply for an Electronic Passport or e-pass.   This will allow only you to enter your e-file on-line. Keep your ID and password in a safe place.

When you apply on-line you should have these documents available:

 1)  Your Seneca student nine digit number.  000 -111-222

2)  Your passport picture page and stamps of entry

3)  Your CLIENT I.D. NUMBER  (This number is found on your STUDY PERMIT.  It is an 8-digit number.  You can find it BELOW your Country of Citizenship).

 Once your e-pass is complete, you are required to apply for an EVN (Eligibility Verification Number from Seneca).  Check your e-pass for messages at the bottom every few days. You will be notified by e-mail in your e-pass account that your EVN has been approved by the DIR at Seneca. The DIR has 14 days to respond to your request for an EVN.

Students must have:

·         Been a student in a full time program for six of the past 12 months;

·         Paid their fees in full for the CURRENT /next semester;

·         A GPA of 2.5+ /4.00;

·         NO Failing grades, and,

·         NO Academic Violations for cheating or plagiarism on your transcript.


First semester students and EKI students are not eligible to apply for this permit.

  The EVN tells CIC that you have fulfilled these obligations.  If you are denied an off-campus work permit, you will receive an e-mail with an explanation as to why you were denied. (GPA too low; unsatisfactory progress; didn’t meet the six month waiting period; violation of Academic Policy and so on.)


Applying for Work Permit

 When you receive your EVN, continue with the second part of the application for your Work Permit. “Copy” your EVN from your E-mail.  You will be presented with three options.  Select the option to apply for your Off-campus Work Permit.

 To complete this portion of the application, you will need to have the following document scanned as an individual file in .pdf format in order to upload it to the system.  You can save this file to your computer or onto a USB device that can store the file until you are ready to upload it from any computer.

File to scan in .pdf format.

1)       Your passport “picture page”

 You may now pay online. There are two ways to pay:

  A)         with a valid credit card


  B)         at the bank with the payment form (IMM 5041). 

You must scan and attach this file to your online application. 

 The off-campus work permit costs CAN $150.00

You should receive your off-campus work permit in the mail, usually within 7-21 business days.

 If you require any further information regarding the off-campus work permit, please call Immigration or visit CIC (Citizenship & Immigration) at the address below.


55 St. Clair East

St. Claire/ Yonge St.

Tel: 1-888-242-2100

Eligibility for Off-Campus Work Permits

In order to get an Off Campus Work Permit, the student must:

  • have been a student in a full time program for six of the last 12 months. 
  • have a Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 with NO failing grades
  • have paid your fees in full
  • not have any Academic Violations on your transcript

Note:  First semester students and ELI students are not eligible to apply for an Off-Campus Work Permit.

NEW! Study Permit Extension–Online

In order get your current Study Permit renewed online, start this process  two months before the expiry date printed on your Study Permit.  Click on:

Work-Study Co-Op Programs

Co-op Work Placement is a full, 16-week semester during which academically deserving students gain practical experience in the workplace and, at the same time, are paid by the employer. Co-operative study opportunities are particularly beneficial to international students as an introduction to the Canadian workplace.

    Co-op opportunities are normally offered in the 2nd and/or 3rd year of your undergraduate academic programs or after the 2nd or 3rd semester of our post-graduate programs
    Co-op Work Terms are offered to our best and brightest students. It is an earned opportunity based on academics, and in-class performance
    Co-operative education students are expected to use their own initiative in partnership with the advisors to obtain meaningful employment.

It is important to note that, while every effort is made to place all students, Co-op work placements cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, students still may obtain the traditional certificate or diploma.

A nominal, additional administration fee is assessed for Co-op work placement programs.

Full-Time Employment after Graduation

For all the details on HOW TO WORK IN CANADA after graduation from Seneca, click on the LINK BELOW and be connected to the CIC website

Career Services

Seneca's Career Services helps graduating students prepare for their successful future. They help in identifying skills, preparing resumes and polishing interview skills. They also offer:

•Free workshops
•Resume writing and Interview skills
•JobLink – an online job posting site for employers hiring Seneca graduates
• Job search skills
• On-campus job fairs throughout the year

Most services are provided without cost.

Career Services Centres are located at most Seneca campuses. They provide job postings online and through job boards and binders. Resource materials such as books, magazines and videos are available for viewing free of charge. Fax and photocopier services are provided at a nominal fee.

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