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Seneca Jane Campus

Young people interacting within society.
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Seneca College – Canada

A mathematics lecture, apparently about linear...
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The mission of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is to contribute to the Canadian society by being a transformational leader in providing students with career-related education and training. Seneca College has approximately 90,000 part-time and 17,000 full-time students.
The College is a place of opportunities, to make goals a reality. Students can choose from more than 260 careers and receive the academic foundation, workplace experience and practical training needed to succeed. The College also offers co-operative education programs that allow students to gain real work experience.
Seneca College is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of students. This ensures that the curriculum remains relevant for present careers. The College has transfer agreements with educational institutions across Canada and around the globe. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has a dedicated faculty and staff, as well as facilities and…

Jane Campus
Main Campus
At the Jane Campus / Centre for New Technologies students are registered in pre-apprenticeship programs for Tool and Die Maker, Precision Machining and Mould Maker trades. Seneca College’s online store allows students to purchase goods without having to wait in line at one of the campus bookstores. This online store has items from all Seneca stores, including the computer store. Students can have purchases sent directly to them or they can pick them up in one of the stores….

Other Campuses:

King Campus
Newnham Campus
Seneca@York Campus
Markham Campus



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Solidworks Mold Design

before cad-cam
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Solidworks Mold Design ( Kalıp Tasarımı )

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http://www.mekatek.tr.ggCategory:  Film & AnimationTags:  solidworks  mold  cavity  design  kalıp  ayırma  tasarım  dizayn  makina  makine  dassault  system  eğitim  videoları  türkçe  analiz

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Youtube: Advanced Core & Cavity Construction

Solid model assembly created in NX (Unigraphics).
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CAD CAM – Advanced core & cavity construction for an automotive grill – ZONE 2


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Learn CNC Programming

plasma cutting with a cnc machine
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Heinz Putz, Center for CNC Education offers CNC training DVDs to teach CNC programming.

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School of Mechanical Engineering, Minhang Campus
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Program Sem. Textbooks Equipment Clothing Supplies Transportation Field Trip Total Per Sem.
Mechanical Engineering Technician – Tool Design 1 $550 $700 $200 $35 $1,485.00
2 $250 $250.00
3 $600 $600.00
4 $350 $350.00
Mechanical Techniques – CNC Programming 1 $650 $400 $200 $35 $1,285.00
2 $200 $200.00
Mechanical Techniques (Tool & Die / Mould Making) 1 $550 $700 $200 $35 $1,485.00
2 $250 $250.00
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Youtube: Hot Runner System (4 Cavities)

Hot runner system designed for a multicavity mold ( lowerhousing _mouse)
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War production workers at the Vilter [Manufact...
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