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Programs Offered: Listed by Campus

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Program list by Campus – Jane Campus

Click on the Seneca program name below to see the program’s admission requirements, description, and curriculum.

Mechanical Engineering Technician (Tool Design)

Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial Design

Mechanical Techniques (Tool and Die/Mould Making) – Pre-apprenticeship for Tool & Die Maker, Mould Maker, and General Machinist

Mechanical Techniques – CNC Programming

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Solidworks Mold Design

before cad-cam
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Solidworks Mold Design ( Kalıp Tasarımı )

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http://www.mekatek.tr.ggCategory:  Film & AnimationTags:  solidworks  mold  cavity  design  kalıp  ayırma  tasarım  dizayn  makina  makine  dassault  system  eğitim  videoları  türkçe  analiz

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Learn CNC Programming

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Heinz Putz, Center for CNC Education offers CNC training DVDs to teach CNC programming.

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School of Mechanical Engineering, Minhang Campus
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Program Sem. Textbooks Equipment Clothing Supplies Transportation Field Trip Total Per Sem.
Mechanical Engineering Technician – Tool Design 1 $550 $700 $200 $35 $1,485.00
2 $250 $250.00
3 $600 $600.00
4 $350 $350.00
Mechanical Techniques – CNC Programming 1 $650 $400 $200 $35 $1,285.00
2 $200 $200.00
Mechanical Techniques (Tool & Die / Mould Making) 1 $550 $700 $200 $35 $1,485.00
2 $250 $250.00
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Book and Supply Costs for 2008-2009

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Jane Campus
Book and Supply Costs for 2008-2009

The tuition fee framework is set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The fees policy of the Ministry states that in addition to the standard tuition fees, there are specific costs which must be borne by the student. These costs include any learning materials, equipment and/or clothing which may be retained by the student. The following is a listing of the books, equipment/materials and/or clothing (if any) which you will be required to obtain, together with an indication of the approximate cost based on the best information available at the time of publication.

Description of Items (applies to all programs):

  • Textbooks include required texts and laboratory manuals.
  • Equipment usually includes electronic calculators, project materials, any supplies that may be kept by the student or any equipment that is required for the program of study.
  • Clothing usually includes laboratory coats, safety glasses and/or other protective clothing.
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