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Seneca connects with 2010 Winter Olympics

When you watch the Winter Olympics this month, keep an eye out for the Seneca connections. They can be seen and heard everywhere in Vancouver from the mittens our Canadian athletes will be wearing to the theme song of the Games.


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Vivienne Lu

Vivienne, a graduate of Seneca’s Fashion Arts program, is the designer behind the popular red mittens that have been flying off Canadian store shelves. More than three million pairs of the $10 mittens – which feature the Olympic rings, a Maple Leaf and Vancouver 2010 on them – are expected to be sold by the time the Games begin on February 12. Vivienne, who works as a Category Manager at the Hudson’s Bay Company (Hbc), is also the creative force behind the Olympic torch relay uniforms.

 # 3    

Student Torchbearers

The stylish white track suit with green-and-blue markings covering the left arm were worn by Seneca students Natasha Thombs (picture 3), April Bonia and Amekala Kanapathippillai during their individual torch runs. “The inspiration for the torchbearer uniform is our winter landscape, captured in the movement and energy of the northern lights,” Vivienne says. “As the torchbearers journey across the country, their uniforms will convey the excitement and energy of the Games.” This marks Vivienne’s second time designing apparel for the Olympics. In 2008, she designed the Canadian athlete’s uniforms for the Summer Games in Beijing.

 # 4    

Alan Frew

Alan’s contribution to the Winter Games is, literally, noteworthy. The Nursing graduate, best known for being the lead singer of Glass Tiger, penned the lyrics for the CTV theme song for the 2010 Olympics. It’s called I Believe, and is a piano ballad that features vocals by 15-year-old jazz-pop up-and-comer Nikki Yanofsky. The song has aired on countless radio stations and will be heard throughout CTV’s broadcasting of the Games. The video of the song is below.

# 5     

SCA Students

Twenty students from Seneca’s School of Communication Arts will be working for CTV as part of the company’s online coverage of the Games. For two weeks, they will be working as video and photo editors for ctv.olympics.ca, which is expected to get more than 125 million page views. “To be part of the Olympic Games at home is an opportunity that doesn’t present itself often…I get emotional just thinking about it, ” says Magdalena Gaweda, one of the chosen students. “This is very important to me and I realize that this event will give me countless opportunities to learn, network and advance my career.” The students were selected in December after extensive interviews with CTV executives. Since then, they have taken part in several training exercises to ensure they are prepared for the demands of the Olympic period. “I’ve been blown away with the level of knowledge these students are bringing to the table,” says Michael Shewchenko, CTV Senior Digital Manager, Broadband Production. “Our confidence level went through the roof with what we can put on their shoulders.”


Nursing Professor on call at Olympics

Professor Tania Killian won’t be competing in the Winter Olympics, but she’ll have a front row seat for all the action. The Seneca Nursing Professor and Registered Nurse was selected by the Vancouver Olympic Committee to serve on its medical staff for the duration of the Games. Tania will be stationed at the Pacific Coliseum, which is hosting the figure skating and short track speed skating competitions.

If you know of other Senecans involved in the 2010 Winter Olympics please let us know.

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Seneca College – Canada

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The mission of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is to contribute to the Canadian society by being a transformational leader in providing students with career-related education and training. Seneca College has approximately 90,000 part-time and 17,000 full-time students.
The College is a place of opportunities, to make goals a reality. Students can choose from more than 260 careers and receive the academic foundation, workplace experience and practical training needed to succeed. The College also offers co-operative education programs that allow students to gain real work experience.
Seneca College is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of students. This ensures that the curriculum remains relevant for present careers. The College has transfer agreements with educational institutions across Canada and around the globe. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has a dedicated faculty and staff, as well as facilities and…

Jane Campus
Main Campus
At the Jane Campus / Centre for New Technologies students are registered in pre-apprenticeship programs for Tool and Die Maker, Precision Machining and Mould Maker trades. Seneca College’s online store allows students to purchase goods without having to wait in line at one of the campus bookstores. This online store has items from all Seneca stores, including the computer store. Students can have purchases sent directly to them or they can pick them up in one of the stores….

Other Campuses:

King Campus
Newnham Campus
Seneca@York Campus
Markham Campus



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Seneca College – Jane Campus

Seneca College – Jane Campus
21 Beverly Hills Drive, Toronto, ON

Students on this campus are registered in pre-apprenticeship programs for Tool and Die Maker, Precision Machining and Mould Maker trades. The Digital Media Centre is part of this campus and offers programs in 3-D Digital Animation and in Webmaster specializations.