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(Sub Program: This is for Educational Purposes only.)


(PROGRAMMMER: ______ ___)
(THURSDAY, NOV __ /09)

N10 G17 G20 G40 G49 G80 G90 G98
N20 G28 G91 Z0
N30 G28 X0 Y0

N40 T13 M6 (#3 C’DRILL)
N50 G0 G54 G90 X1.2 Y1. S5454 M3 (#01)
N60 G43 Z2. H13 M8
N70 G99 G81 Z-.21 R.1 F4.8
N80 M98 P5000
N90 G28 G49 G91 Z0 M5
N100 M1

N110 T14 M6 (5/16″ DRILL)
N120 G0 G54 G90 X1.2 Y1. S1920 M3 (#01)
N130 G43 Z2. H14 M8
N140 G99 G83 Z-.8188 R.1 Q.15 F9.6
N150 M98 P5000
N160 G28 G49 G91 Z0 M5
N170 M1

N180 T18 M6 (1/2X82″ C’SINK)
N190 G0 G54 G90 X1.2 Y1. S354 M3 (#01)
N200 G43 Z2. H18 M8
N210 G99 G82 Z-.2291 R.1 P.508 F1.9
N220 M98 P5000

N230 G28 G49 G91 Z0 M5
N240 M1

N250 T20 M6 (3/8-16″ TAP)
N260 G0 G54 G90 X1.2 Y1. S373 M3 (#01)
N270 G43 Z2. H20 M8
N280 G99 G83 Z-.875 R.3 F23.3125
N290 M98 P5000
N300 G28 G49 G91 Z0 M5
N310 G28 X0 Y0
N320 M30

N340 X1.7 (#02)
N350 X1.2 Y1.5 (#03)
N360 X.7 Y1. (#04)
N370 X1.2 Y.5 (#05)
N380 X2.55 Y1.5 (#06)
N390 X3.05 (#07)
N400 X2.55 Y2. (#08)
N410 X2.05 Y1.5 (#09)
N420 X2.55 Y1. (#10)
N430 X4. Y1.25 (#11)
N440 X4.5 (#12)
N450 X4. Y1.75 (#13)
N460 X3.5 Y1.25 (#14)
N470 X4. Y.75 (#15)
N480 G0 G80 Z2. M9
N490 M99

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This is for Educational Purposes only.

Lathe: Tailstock

  1. The tailstock supports long work that would otherwise sag or flex too much to allow for accurate machining. Without a tailstock, long pieces cannot be turned straight and will invariably have a taper. Some tailstocks can be intentionally misaligned to accurately cut a taper if needed. The tailstock has a centering device pressed into a shallow, specially ed hole in the end of the work piece.
  2. The center can be either “live” or “dead.” Live centers have a bearing, allowing the center to rotate along with the work piece. Dead centers do not rotate and must be lubricated to prevent overheating due to with the work piece. Instead of a center, a drill can be mounted in the tailstock.
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