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Lathe: Lead Screw

The lead screw provides automatic feed and makes thread cutting possible. It is a precision-threaded shaft, driven by gears as the headstock turns. It passes through the front of the carriage apron and is supported at the tailstock end by a bearing bracket.  Controls in the apron engage a lead nut to drive the carriage as the lead screw turns. Continue reading

Lathe: Carriage

The provides mounting and components for tooling. The carriage moves left and right, either through manual operation of a hand wheel, or it can be driven by a . At the of a carriage is a saddle that mates and aligns with the bed ways.

The ‘s cross-slide, compound rest and tool holder are mounted to the top of the carriage. Some carriages are equipped with a rotating to allow a variety of to be used in succession for multi-step operations.

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