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Quick updates: Normative?

website test flattened
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Quick updates / test – are we back online? If you can see this message … We are normative!

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-14

  • FINAL EXAM:Reading List

    1 – Wheels: The Car as a Cultural Driving Force
    2 – The West Must Confront…
    3 – The Case for Curling Up With a Book #

  • Aside: the Essay "Wheels: The Car as a Cultural Driving Force" by Pierre Berton was sandwiched between two VERY interesting essays. Noticed? #
  • Wonder how many others are going to write their EAC 150 Final Exam Essay on "Wheels: The Car as a Cultural Driving Force" by Pierre Berton. #
  • 3rd Semester students are cordially invited to join the 1st Semester students for Pizza Lunch, tomorrow, at 11:30am on Mon. Dec. 14th, 2009. #
  • G-codes/M-codes Rules:
    Only One M-code is allowed per block.
    While multiple G-codes are allowed in a block providing they re compatible. #