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    CNC 101 for classes MATP-A and MATT-C
    This CNC Program which should be in the form of a Text File or an NC File must be e-mailed to me no later than 5.10 pm on Tuesday 3rd November, 2009 (for MATP-A before 9.50am and for MATT-C before 5.10pm). 10% of the marks will be deducted for every day that you are late. The file name must be PART#O0015 – YOUR FULL NAME( e.g. PART#O0015 – YOUR FULL NAME ).

    Everyone must place the printed copy of the program, the list of Coordinates and the drawing. These must be stapled together and placed in the green box before the deadline. You must use I & J for all circular interpolation. “R” must not be used.

    Use Speeds and Feeds as given in the in class example of PART#O0023. For T05 which is the 1/2 inch dia. end mill you need to calculate the feed and speed. (Remember the cutting speed for milling aluminum is 240 SFM).

    The program number is to be O0015.

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